Choosing Crystal Glass Nail Files For Your Salon

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Using crystal glass nail files for your salon gives your place an air of sophistication, in addition to filing customers' nails more smoothly and effectively than random metal files or emery boards. Glass files look impressive and aren't yet universally seen in salons, so you can keep some in stock to sell to customers as well. However, because you'll be restocking these files regularly, you need to be sure to get the real thing. What should you be looking for?

1. Tempered or Chemically-treated Glass

Believe it or not, fake glass files are out there. Typically they're made of regular glass and have been sprayed to appear like real tempered glass. The reason you want chemically-treated or tempered glass is that after being treated, the glass is incredibly smooth and won't rip nail fibers as it's being used. This means that you're providing better nail care when you use authentic crystal nail files.

To check whether the texture is sprayed on, do a "penny test". With a penny, scratch the surface of a file. If you can see a dull glass beneath the frost that you've scratched away, the file is inauthentic.

2. Rounded Edges

Authentic crystal glass files have rounded edges. Fakes or lower quality glass files will have rectangular edges.

3. Adequate Thickness

A good file will be a few millimeters thick, but not so thick that the point can't slip under your nails. Don't make an error and select files that are less than a millimeter, as they could be more likely to break.  You want to have a substantial piece that fits well in your hand and allows you to get customer work done.

4. Patent Holographic Sticker

Purchase files which print their patent number on a holographic sticker located on the file handle. Fakes won't have any stickers to prove their authenticity. Even worse, some do have stickers on the handle that mimic real labels. Low quality or fake files could have stickers but they will not have a patent listed.

5. Cost

Cost is important, but you don't want to miss out on higher quality crystal glass files because you're afraid to spend what you need to. Avoid the cheapest files available and get some which are consistent with the previous tips.

With these details, your crystal glass files should be perfect when they arrive. Check out Czech glass nail files for high-quality pieces that will improve your customers' nails.