5 Tips For Keeping Bleached Hair Healthy

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Although bleach can turn your hair into a beautiful shade of blonde, it can damage your tresses in the process. Bleach strips natural oils from your hair, making it a lot more susceptible to breakage. The good news is that you can still improve the health of your hair. Here are five helpful tips for keeping bleached hair healthy.

Use a Deep Conditioner Weekly

Since bleached hair tends to be more brittle, it is very important to give it a deep conditioning treatment once a week. A deep conditioner has a thick consistency and will restore moisture in your locks. After you wash your locks with shampoo, apply the conditioning treatment all over your hair and let it sit there for 30 minutes. When you wash the treatment out, your hair will feel so much softer.

Avoid Heat Styling Tools

As much as you love your flat-iron and blow-dryer, these heat styling tools are not good for your hair. If you heat style too often, they will make your bleached locks even more brittle. Try not use heat styling tools more than once a week. When you do use a heat styling tool, apply a heat protecting product to your locks beforehand.

Don't Wash Your Hair Too Often

When you have bleached hair, you need to be even more careful about how often you wash your hair. Shampooing too frequently can strip the oils from your hair, which can dry it out. Do not wash your hair more than three or four times a week. If your hair starts looking too greasy, apply some dry shampoo to the roots.

Protect Your Hair from the Sun

The sun can dry out and fade your hair, so you should take the proper precautions before going outside. For example, you can apply a product to your hair that offers UV protection. It is also a good idea to cover your hair with a hat.

Get Regular Trims

When you bleach your hair, you should never skimp on trims. Cutting even a half an inch off the ends will get rid of split ends and keep your hair healthy. Do not forget to get your hair trimmed at least every six to eight weeks at a local hair salon, such as Luce Hair Studio.

It is possible to keep bleached blonde hair healthy. If you follow these helpful tips, your locks will look beautiful and luscious. Everyone will be asking you how you keep your tresses so strong and healthy looking.