Learn How To Have Hair Extensions Without Anyone Knowing

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If you are trying to grow out a short hairstyle, it can be very frustrating when you reach the in-between stage where your hair is not short but it also is not long. At this stage, consider using hair extensions to make your hair look longer than it is. It is important to make the extensions look as undetectable as possible. Use the following guide to learn how to make your hair extensions look as natural as possible.

Choose High Quality Extensions

When you go to buy the hair extensions to use in your hair, there will be many options available. You need to be sure that you purchase a high quality option to ensure that the extensions last as long as they can and look great at the same time. The best type of extensions you can choose are those made of human hair rather than made from synthetic materials. Human hair extensions can be styled with heat while synthetic extensions cannot.

Have Your Extensions Dyed

To ensure a seamless look, you need to have your extensions dyed to the exact color of your natural hair. A stylist can dye your hair and the extensions at the same time. This will ensure that the color is an exact match so that no one will be able to tell that you are wearing extensions.

Wait to Cut Your Hair

Have the extensions sewn into your hair before having your hair cut or styled. This will allow the stylist to cut your hair and the extensions at the same time to create a smooth transition from your natural hair to the extensions. Sewing the extensions in allows them to last much longer than when they are glued into place. Sewing in extensions can take a few hours, so it is important to plan ahead before beginning the process.

Do Not Remove on Your Own

When you have extensions sewn into place, you will be able to see the small threads that keep the extensions into place when you flip your hair upside down and try to find them. You may be tempted to snip the threads on your own to remove the extensions when your hair has grown out to the length you want it to be. This is not a good idea because you could cut your natural hair by accident. It is best to allow a professional, like those at Dolce Vita Medical Spa & Salon, put in and take out your extensions for you.

Natural hair extensions can be washed like your normal hair and styled any way you choose. The extensions will stay in your hair until you have them removed, if you choose to have them sewn into place. It is an investment worth making if it allows you to have the look you want until your hair grows out on its own.